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Trying to write an essay? Attempting to complete a term paper? If only you had a model to go by...an example to follow...Perhaps then you could see the APA or MLA citation styles better laid out...Perhaps then you might genuinely begin to understand how to tie in the various parts of your outline with a solid thesis statement and a few good topic sentences! But what about the research? --If only you could find some on-point notes, ideas, or articles online that actually pertain directly to your topic... No such luck? 1to1Essays.Com solves ALL of these problems! Use our free search engine to find abstracts for available essay models and download one TODAY! Enter your topic in the search box above---Finding out what we have costs nothing...Once you locate an essay you wish to download to help you write your own---it's only $9.95/pg + a FREE works cited bibliography page - REGARDLESS of difficulty level! Not POSITIVE about a particular essay? Email us for a FREE, 1 page excerpt from it before ordering!--Just let us know the advertised .wps file name and we'll send it right over! So for what are you waiting? Start searching...!

  Ok, Ok...so we have have more than 50,000 subjects covered here....BIG DEAL!--Students around the world are struggling with essays covering literally millions of subtopics! So what should you do if, somehow, you DON'T find anything helpful on this site? Simple! Just use the "custom help" button near the top of any screen at 1to1Essays.Com and one of our contracted research writers will create a NEW essay designed specifically to help YOU!  

It couldn't possibly be much simpler: We've been assisting students from around the globe with essay writing since 1994; and that's probably since before YOU were even in college! During that time, we've created tens of thousands of documents spanning -- or at least touching upon -- virtually EVERY topic imaginable...Our tutorial essays are bound to help you speed up the process of researching and/or writing your own paper...So the choice is yours...Will you order one of our existing essays on-file...or is customized research help more right for you? Try searching our database FIRST...then decide.....

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